Ancient Greek Theatre

Tragedy [ Aeschylus | Sophocles | Euripides ] — Comedy [ Aristophanes | Menander ] — Roman Theatre

General Resources

  • E. Csapo and W. J. Slater, The Context of Ancient Drama (Ann Arbor, 1994) [Google Books preview] [review by Scodel in BMCR]
  • A. W. Pickard-Cambridge, The Dramatic Festivals of Athens, 2nd ed. revised [with new supplement] (Oxford, 1988)
  • M. Bieber, The History of the Greek and Roman Theater (Princeton, 1961) []

On Translations

Generally, beware of the most easily available translations online. These tend to be either out of copyright, and thus very old and not recommendable for a first acquaintance, or idiosyncratic productions for private purposes. Also, beware of repackaged / reprinted / e-book versions that do not acknowledge the translator and / or date of translation — these are likely to be out of copyright and therefore very old.

  • J. M. Walton, Translating Classical Plays: Collected Papers (New York, 2016) [Google Books preview]
  • J. M. Walton, Found in Translation: Greek Drama in English (Cambridge, 2006) [includes appendix with catalogue of translations] [Google Books preview] [review by Mahoney in BMCR]
  • B. Sammons, “Translations of Classical Works into English,” The Classical World 94.3 (2001): 227-69, gives an unannotated catalogue apparently of books in print — meant to be “more than canonical and less than comprehensive” — based on a list by Alden Smith [unknown]
  • J. Barsby (ed.), Greek and Roman Drama: Translation and Performance (Stuttgart & Weimar: J. B. Metzler, 2002) [Google Books preview]
  • O. Classe (ed.), Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English, 2 vols. (London, 2000); vol. 1 [Google Books preview]; vol. 2 [Google Books — no preview]

Modern Performance

Newer Scholarship

  • D. T. Steiner, Choral Constructions in Greek Culture: The Idea of the Chorus in the Poetry, Art and Social Practices of the Archaic and Early Classical Period (Cambridge, 2021) [Review by Anderson in BMCR]
  • L. C. M. M. Jackson, The Chorus of Drama in the Fourth Century BCE: Presence and Representation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020) [Review by Hanink in BMCR]